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Wellness Intelligence in Today's Workplace - eBook Transcript

What is "Wellness Intelligence"?

Many organizations manage their health and wellness information using a variety of disconnected tools - with Health Assessments, Screenings, Coaching, Onsite Classes, Online Programs and Incentives in separate systems or Excel files.

These organizations spend a huge amount of time manually handling data and correcting mistakes. They aren't able to connect the dots for effective reporting. And they have to settle for simplistic program and incentive designs - instead of more effective ones.

Wellness Intelligence is having an integrated platform that understands your program, connects your data, and delivers an intuitive experience for your participants.

Wellness intelligence means you can design your wellness program based on what's effective - with incentives for the outcomes you want and ways to collect validated data all year long. Wellness Intelligence means you can connect the dots between this year's programs and next year's biometrics - to show real program impact and ROI.

Wellness Intelligence:

1. Works With Multiple Kinds of Underlying Programs.

Your wellness program may include an HRA, screenings, team challenges, incentives, coaching programs, onsite classes and events, individual tracking programs, content sites and more. Your wellness platform needs to work with a range of programs in an organized way and connect the dots between them.

2. Delivers Programs in Multiple Ways.

Some participants want in-person coaching and classes, others want programs and education delivered online, others want to use their smartphone or tracking devices like FitBit.  Wellness Intelligence is a platform that collects data from all these kinds of programs and seamlessly applies it to your reporting and incentives. 

3. Understands ACA & HIPAA

Wellness Intelligence means embedded logic that understands and deals with ACA and HIPAA requirements. This means that each wellness person sees the right information needed to do their job - and establishes an audit trail each time PHI is used or disclosed. The rules for Biometric standards, Reasonable Alternatives and requesting a personalized Alternative program are built in.

4. Connects Assessments to Programs and Outcomes

Wellness Intelligence means that your program can use data collected in the Health Assessment and Screenings to help drive people into the right programs and interventions. Then, it can connect this year's program data to next year's screenings to show you which programs are most effective.

5. Improves the User Experience

Wellness Intelligence means an intuitive user experience to help your participants understand what they are supposed to do, how they are supposed to do it and when they are supposed to do it. It give participants a clear path through the wellness year, and answers their questions about programs, incentives and deadlines.

Wellness Intelligence means that participants' questions are answered automatically - not by calling or emailing the wellness staff.

6. Makes Better Programs Practical to Run.

Many organizations want to upgrade their programs by putting incentives on biometric outcomes. But they don't have a practical way to manage alternative programs and meet ACA and HIPAA requirements. Or, they already have outcome incentives but they want their Alternative Programs to use validated data from devices, follow-up screenings and physician appointments. Wellness intelligence means that the ACA requirements are embedded into your portal along with an easy-to-deploy set of alternative programs. It means that participants' requests for personalized Alternatives are submitted and tracked in a secure and fully-documented way. And, it means you can bring validated data into your portal from your onsite clinics and coaches, from connected devices like FitBit and iHealth, and by having participants scan in paper documents using their iPhones and Androids.

7. Reduces Errors & Manual Work.

Keeping track of coaching, class & event attendance, challenges or incentives using Excel leads to errors and lots of manual data handling. Wellness Intelligence means your data lives in your portal - from data collection on mobile devices through to reports and incentives. That reduces manual work while increasing data quality.

8. Embeds Logic for Complex Incentives

Today's incentive designs can be complex - including points programs, incentive level programs, and especially programs that include biometric standards and alternatives. Wellness intelligence is showing participants all their options in an intuitive format- and then giving them one-click access to the next steps they need to complete in your wellness program. Â

9. Upgrades your Reporting

Wellness Intelligence is more than annual aggregate reports on your population's health risks. It means reporting depth that can tell you whether the right participants are joining your programs, and which programs are actually having an impact on the next year's biometrics.

Benefits of Wellness Intelligence:

Better Program Designs using Validated Data
Manual Work and Errors are Reduced
Better Reporting Connects Programs to Outcomes
ACA and HIPAA Compliance are Built-In

About the Author

Jesse Hercules is the President of Extracon Science, a leading health promotion company. Mr. Hercules is a frequent speaker and writer on health promotion topics, including speaking at the American Journal of Health Promotion's annual conference, and the American Heart Association's annual Worksite Wellness Conference.

About Extracon

Extracon creates wellness portals for employers and resellers - including Health Assessments, Online Programs, Team Challenges, and Incentives. The portals can also manage the data from Biometric Screenings, Onsite Classes, Onsite Programs and Events, and Coaching Programs.

The Extracon portal is designed to accept updated biometrics throughout the year - allowing hospitals and onsite clinic providers to design more effective programs and incentives based on participant biometric improvement during the year.

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