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Hospital Systems and other Healthcare Providers have unique needs - and unique capabilities - when it comes to employee wellness programs. Here at Extracon, we've spent the last 7 years working with clinics and healthcare systems of all sizes from 250 employees up to 20,000 - and now we can share with you a set of best practices for employee wellness in a healthcare setting.
You'll learn how to leverage your in-house capabilities to run a more comprehensive and engaging program. You'll learn how to build a culture of health that values employees as much as it values your patients. And you'll learn how to take employee wellness out to the community, building market share and brand recognition for your organization.

Our 2017 Survey shows that wellness programs are ready to move beyond using the M.D. as a biometric screener, and start collaborating with the employee's primary care doctor for follow-up.
In this webinar and eBook, you'll learn the new strategies that wellness leaders are ready to start implementing - for biometric follow-up, prevention gaps, and incentives.

We're pleased to present a new eBook with case studies and results from our clients who are making the employee's doctor a key part of the wellness program.
They had outstanding results across thousands of participants, including biometric improvement and prevention gaps closed.
This eBook also provides answers to the most common questions about including the doctor – including program design, HIPAA compliance, and ensuring doctors do their part.

Employees who are engaged in their healthcare have lower costs and better health outcomes. Over 30 studies prove it. So why isn’t employee wellness building a better patient?
This live webinar explores how you can give participants the knowledge, skills and motivation to work with their primary care doctor on prevention and wellbeing. And deliver measurable results in health risk reduction and biometric improvement.
We’ll share a holistic approach that integrates employee wellness with primary care, lifestyle change and mobile technology.

Most employee wellness programs don't collaborate with the employee's doctor. And yet, working with the doctor is their best opportunity to close prevention gaps and follow up on biometrics.
We explain why traditional programs haven’t included the physician – and what’s changed. We discuss the research showing that employees who work with their primary care doctor on prevention have lower healthcare costs and better health.
A Pragmatic Approach: We'll show you a pragmatic approach for including the physician that's been proven across thousands of participants, with 98% of physicians doing their part to coordinate with the wellness program.

Is your wellbeing program collaborating with your employee's doctors to close prevention gaps and follow up on biometrics?
Are you using the smartphones in your employees' pockets to drive measurable changes in year-round physical activity and BMI?
This webinar shows how wellness programs can transform their results for prevention, biometrics, and lifestyle by successfully integrating the doctor and the smartphone into the program.

Can you run a better employee wellness program by not doing anything onsite? Find out how in our webinar, "Onsite Wellness vs. All-Digital".
You'll learn how you can do more comprehensive prevention, better biometric followup, and more validated lifestyle programs by going all-Digital.
Spoiler alert: the secret is how you work with the employee's primary care doctor and integrate apps & devices into your program.
The webinar includes a case study from our customer Connectivity Wireless - and their award winning, 100% Digital Wellness Program.

Listen to 3 organizations discuss practical ways to deliver better wellness programs with more engagement and less administrative work.
Every great employee wellness program has a combination of design, communication and technology. Employers and wellness vendors want to know what works.
We will focus on three organizations that each had different needs, and how they went about selecting and implementing an approach for their unique needs.

Our 2016 Effectiveness Survey is complete.
We found a gap between the effective wellness programs employers want – and what they are doing today. We call it the effectiveness gap.
We use the survey responses to explore what kind of program would really work - and what costs and barriers are standing in the way.
Finally, we offer some suggestions for how employers can make the leap to a more effective program.

Improvements in smartphones over the last 2 years have put Apps at a tipping point for use in employee wellness programs.
Using Wellness Portal Apps, employers can eliminate the need for step-tracking devices, onsite weigh-ins, and paper physician forms and faxes. Because these Apps are designed for employee wellness programs, employers can avoid the advertising and mixed messages that make consumer Apps problematic.
The right App and incentive strategy can be your ticket to biometric improvement, validated lifestyle change, and year-round engagement.

eBook: Choosing the Right Platform for your Wellness Program
If you're looking for a wellness portal, this eBook is your guide to asking the right questions and making the right choice.
From HRA's and tablet-based screenings to apps and wearables, you'll learn what questions to ask and what features to look for.
Case Study: Southeastern Health
Southeastern Health had been running their program using paper, Excel and email. They wanted a more comprehensive program with higher participation, but they needed a new set of tools to get there.
In this case study, you’ll learn how they researched vendors, why they ultimately picked Extracon, and what was needed to make the implementation a success.

On the road to an effective wellness program, you will face 6 Dragons: Illegible Medical Provider Forms, Monster Spreadsheets, Inaccurate Steps & Weight Data, Lumbering Data Files, Fire-Breathing Questions, and Incentives that Bite Back. We take an in-depth look at the 6 Dragons and how you can use online portals and integrated apps to run a better program with less administrative effort.
We will show you how the right platform can help you run a wellness program with validated data, better results, and less manual administrative work.

9 Reasons Why Hospitals Are Becoming Top Employee Wellness Providers:
Hospitals have some of the best employee health programs in the world. These programs combine prevention and healthcare in a way that lowers costs, improves productivity, and keeps workers happy.
Now, health systems are using their robust prevention and healthcare capabilities to become leading employee wellness providers in their communities. It’s a natural fit, and a game-changer for employee wellness programs.

Wellness Intelligence is technology that understands your program, connects your data, and delivers an intuitive user experience for your participants.
Download this eBook to find out how Wellness Intelligence can help you:
  • Move to more Effective Program Designs with Validated Data
  • Spend less time in Excel entering data and chasing down errors
  • Build ACA and HIPAA compliance into your Programs and Incentives
  • Give Better Reports to your Leadership - Connecting Programs to Outcomes

A Frankenstein wellness program is what happens when the different pieces of your program aren’t working together.
Some signs you may have a Frankenstein program: You’re spending hours putting data into Excel and trying to make it add up into a coherent picture; you’re spending lots of time creating content and managing email lists so the right message goes to the right participant; and perhaps you’re even worried that your program is going to turn on you – with participants and leadership saying your numbers don’t really add up.
Feeling like you’ve created a monster? We can help. We explain what a Frankenstein program is, what problems it can cause, and what to do about it. This Webinar and eBook are for health promotion leaders at employers, health plans, and wellness companies.

It's true: most wellness programs aren’t successful at building a culture of health. That's because of the limitations of typical culture audits and culture-change strategies.
We'll showcase the successful culture changing approach taken by employee safety programs, and share the lessons for us in employee wellness. You’ll learn a set of key strategies for building a healthy culture that’s measurable and sustainable. You’ll learn how to adapt your existing programs to be more effective in changing the culture, and how to evaluate new program ideas for culture impact.

There are 7 Personas standing in your way as you fight for a program design and budget that will generate real health improvement.
Have you spotted them at your worksite yet? The “Free Lunch”, Chicken Little, “Next Year”, Mr. Magoo, and others will raise objections and frustrate your plans – unless you disarm them first. We will introduce you to the 7 Personas and show you what to do about them, so you can get the program design and budget you need to be successful.

How to Lead and Why It Matters.
Using insights from top university researchers, we explore the limitations of the Population Health Management model, and shows why PHM alone isn't the answer.
We'll show how keeping healthy people healthy requires a different approach than health-risk reduction. You'll learn what it takes to lead your whole population towards better health and real engagement.
This webinar is for health promotion leaders at employers, health plans, and wellness companies.

Learn how you can add engagement to your wellness program as an employer, health plan, or wellness program consultant. The webinar will be hosted by Extracon co-founder Jesse Hercules.
You’ll learn how to define and measure engagement, how to avoid key mis-steps in designing your program and incentives, and come away with an action plan for making your program more engaging.

Is your wellness program supported by the science?
Extracon Science founder Jesse Hercules explains how our standard wellness practices are (and aren’t) supported by the main theories of behavior change we rely on. You’ll walk away with practical ideas for improving your wellness program by bringing it in alignment with the best behavior models.
This webinar is for health promotion leaders at employers, health plans, and wellness companies.

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Webinar - The 4 Game Changers in Employee Wellness
Webinar - How to Tame Your Wellness Dragons
Webinar - Taming the Frankenstein Wellness Program
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Webinar - Onsite Wellness vs. All-Digital Wellness
Webinar - Employee Wellness Program Effectiveness 2016
Webinar - What’s Next in Wellbeing:  Physician and Smartphone Integration
eBook - Choosing a Wellness Portal
eBook - The 4 Game Changers in Employee Wellness
eBook - How to Tame Your Wellness Dragons
eBook - Why Hospitals are Becoming Top Employee Wellness Providers
eBook - Wellness Intelligence in Today's Workplace
eBook - Taming the Frankenstein Wellness Program
eBook - Employee Wellness for Hospitals and Healthcare: What's Different
eBook - The 7 Personas That Can Destroy Your Wellness Program
eBook - How Employee Wellness Can Build a Better Patient
eBook - 5 Reasons the Employee’s Doctor Should Be Part of Your Employee Wellness Program
eBook - Onsite Wellness vs. All-Digital Wellness
eBook - Employee Wellness Program Effectiveness 2016
Case Studies & Results:  Employee Wellness that includes the Primary Care Physician
eBook - Putting the M.D. in Employee Wellness-Results of our 2017 Survey

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